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Glidewell Direct Europe is a distributor of high-quality dental products and materials manufactured under strict guidelines in the USA. From our comprehensive suite of implant tools and components to our millable restorative materials, Glidewell Direct Europe is committed to providing all the supplies necessary for the modern dental professional to make a positive difference in the lives of patients.

By building upon the decades-long heritage of scientific innovation by Jim Glidewell, CDT, and the advancements made by the Glidewell Laboratories Research & Development team, Glidewell Direct Europe is well-qualified to offer dental professionals expertly designed products and materials at affordable prices.

As one of the industry’s leading technological innovators, Glidewell Dental is honored to present the inaugural Glidewell Dental Symposium, with strategies for achieving clinical success. By assembling a diverse group of dental professionals recognized as experts in their respective areas, this event will cover a wide range of topics. Providing an expansive look at some of the most exciting tools and techniques available to the modern practice, the symposium will assist attendees in maximizing efficiency, optimizing results, and furthering practice growth.


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